Sagittarius A is a psychological creation myth that follows three women: the mythical SA, the performer Ana who plays SA on stage, and scientist, Dr. Amalia Hernandez. Each woman’s story is told through a different medium, employing theater, planetarium lectures and projections, and narrative film. The three stories altogether tell of Sagittarius A, the black hole at the center of our galaxy that is both responsible for our galactic life and our end. The woven together narratives twist and turn to expose lost creation stories of women’s infinite density, moving through theater, cinema, and the cosmos.

Sagittarius A by Yara Travieso is a new site-specific commission for EMPAC’s Concert Hall and its 10 year celebration. Travieso’s staging emerged in dialogue with the unique architecture of the Hall, thus, the performance transforms the Hall into a 360 embodiment of Travieso’s femme-myth. Moving images permeate the architecture, at times immersing the audience with images, performance and sounds. The Concert Hall’s aesthetic of curved walls is accentuated by billowing fabric to produce a living, breathing image Travieso’s heroines.


Writer, Director, Choreographer – Yara Travieso
Composer/Sound Designer—Sam Crawford
Lighting Designer—Seth Reiser
Assistant Director - Liz Charky
Catherine Correa
Jennifer Payan
Liz De Lise